第六届国际蒸压加气混凝土会议金牌嘉宾 - 科达新铭丰将作技术成果报告

第六届国际蒸压加气混凝土会议金牌嘉宾 - 科达新铭丰将作技术成果报告

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KEDA SUREMAKER is going to participate in the 6th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete from the 4th to the 6th of Sep 2018 in Potsdam, Germany as gold sponsor. The conference will bring together numerous international experts to discuss issues, share ideas and gain insights into the trends, innovations and challenges of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.

科达新铭丰一直致力于通过先进的技术创新和定制化的设计理念来提高服务质量,从而与世界各地的客户展开双赢合作。本次会议,我们的总经理陈新疆先生以及总工程师徐顺武先生将针对科达新铭丰先进的生产技术和定制化的设计理念进行展示交流,并将在Wiley Online Library发表相应学术性技术论文。

KEDA SUREMAKER is always committed to improving considerate service through advanced technical innovation and customized design for the win-win cooperation with our clients from all over the world. During this conference, our MD Mr.Chadwick Chen and CTO Mr. Shunwu Xu will present KEDA SURMAKER AAC production technology with the concept of customized design ,and the related paper will be published in the Wiley Online Library.


Looking forward to meeting you in Potsdam!



Previous International Conferences On AAC

第五届国际蒸压加气混凝土会议 - 2011年9月 * 波兰

5th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Bydgoszcz, Poland, September 15-16, 2011

第四届国际蒸压加气混凝土会议 - 2005年9月 * 英国

4th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Kingston, UK, September 8-9, 2005

第三届国际建筑材料及结构试验与研究实验所联合会- 1992年 * 瑞士

3rd RILEM Conference, Zürich, Switzerland, 1992

第二届国际建筑材料及结构试验与研究实验所联合会- 1982年 * 瑞士

2nd RILEM Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1982

第一届国际建筑材料及结构试验与研究实验所联合会- 1960年 * 瑞典

1st RILEM Conference, Göteborg, Sweden, 1960


Conference Topics

¬ 21世纪的建筑和住房

Construction and housing in the 21st century

¬ 水化硅酸钙化化学研究现状

Calcium-silicate-hydrate-chemistry: what is the status of research?


Environment, sustainability, recycling

¬ 从传统到2020年及以后的欧洲砌体结构

Masonry: from tradition towards Europe 2020 and beyond


Energy efficient buildings: which products do we need?

¬ 物理性质:热、水、声和防火

Physical properties: heat-, moisture-, sound- and fire-protection


Codes and standards

¬ AAC在应用研究和结构工程中的全球性挑战

Global challenges of applied research and structural engineering with AAC



¬ 应用



Innovations in manufacturing

¬ 产品和生产的优势

Advances in production and process

¬ 钢筋AAC

Reinforced AAC


Test methods

¬ 抗震性能和可靠性

Seismic performance and reliability

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